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WPC – Whiskers In The Dark – Photography


wpc, face in crowd, photography, nik, cat

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WPC – Architectural Tour Guide – Photography


wpc, tour, photography, nik, architecture

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non-WPC – Feedin’ On The Edge – Photography


Since there’s no WPC this week, what’s a person to do?

hummingbird, ruby-throat, feeder, edge, feedingWanna be non-edgy?   Click here.

WPC – Back To The – Future – Photography

 Break out the churchkey, drain a couple of Buds, throw the empties in the flux capacitor, we’re going back to the future.
delorean, car, automobile, classic, future

DeLorean Motor Company

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WPC – Skywatch Friday – Dark Skies – Landscape – Photography

sky watch, landscape, storm

Dark Skies

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