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This Is Interesting VII (WordPress Comments)


Well it’s been about 9 months since I last touched this blog. I would’ve come back sooner if I had known people (the term is used loosely here) had actually left comments. Well it turns out I never knew I was receiving about 2 dozen comments a month. Was I surprised and slightly happy!



This is interesting VI (WordPress settings general)


I lied when I said I needed a nap.  Setting time, etc., was too simple so I had to write it here.  Settings/General on the left hand frame at the bottom.  Change away.  I also changed the blog name.  And yes, it was set to GMT or UTC.  Your hard part will be figuring out your offset in hours from GMT.  Good luck.

This is interesting IV – (WordPress tags)


WordPress tags” box. Not having a book and not finding anything in a quick search of help, I took a guess. My guess is that tag is not the childhood game, tag is not what tells you what the price of an article is, tag is not the piece(s) of skin hanging from under your arm pits or other unwanted places that fortunately not very many people see. If you don’t know what the last phrase means, you will when you get a little older. 


This is interesting III (WordPress books)


As noted below this is my first planned task after the initial install.  Therefore, found a book.  Well actually found two books.  Well actually found more than two books on Amazon for WordPress. 


This is interesting II (second WordPress blog … with good advice)


Discouraging at this point. Even though the install was surprisingly simple, I lost my first blog. Couldn’t find the spell checker for the first blog, then found it when I went to edit the blog for some obvious typos.  And then it’s gone?  I’m determined now.  If I find the first one (which is doubtful), you’ll see that my first action would have been to find on Amazon a WordPress For Dummies book.   I’m not proud.  Now, after losing my first blog, I know I was correct in needing that help.

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