This is interesting III (WordPress books)


As noted below this is my first planned task after the initial install.  Therefore, found a book.  Well actually found two books.  Well actually found more than two books on Amazon for WordPress. 

I hate choices.  I’m always stumped at restaurants when they ask, what type of dressing would you like on your salad?   The choice of a potato is more than anyone should have to bear.  The option of a rice pilaf is enough for a side order of Prozac.  What’s a pilaf anyhow? 

But here are the two books.  Neither one has been read by me, but they’re both 4 or 5  stars.  In fact just reading the reviews has inspired me to figure out how to embed these links in the blog.   Plus they’re both under $20 with the possibility of free shipping and probably no state sales tax.  Plus you won’t have to drive to a store, search for an hour for books that won’t be there, ask the clerk to order, leave frustrated and drive back, all the while potentially exposing yourself to a communicable disease.   I’ll be buying the first one listed first.

 Building a WordPress Blog People Want to Read

WordPress For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))

Coming back to this post several months later, let me comment on the first book.  As one review stated, WordPress changes quickly, rendering many books old and dated by the time they’re published.  Having said that, and having read about 1/3 of the first book, it is dated.  However it is still a useful book, easy to read and has good information.  It pretty much goes through each field in the WordPress admin section and briefly explains how to fill it out and what it does.  I was a little dissappointed that it didn’t really address how to build a blog that “people want to read”, that is, the content of the blog.  Given that, if I had the choice again, I probably would’ve purchased the Dummies book soley based on my experience that the Dummies are typically very good beginner books.

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