This Is Interesting VII (WordPress Comments)


Well it’s been about 9 months since I last touched this blog. I would’ve come back sooner if I had known people (the term is used loosely here) had actually left comments. Well it turns out I never knew I was receiving about 2 dozen comments a month. Was I surprised and slightly happy!

I would’ve looked sooner if I knew more about how Word Press worked. If I had read the book (remember the book from many months ago?), I would’ve know that the comments don’t post automatically. They’re held in limbo until someone, me, reviews them and let’s them appear or deletes them.

The first thing I noticed was wrong, were the large number of comments consisting of question marks with a few smiley faces interspersed. I sensed these weren’t the work of over achieving 15 month olds hacked into their parent’s computer, but the work of some robotic internet predators that preyed on lonely blog sites marking their conquests with their unique scent in the form of a comment. These were the first group of comments that met the fate of the delete key. About 80% of my little bit of happiness gone with one, well several, simple key strokes.

The next set of comments were harder to deal with. The ones which contained words, or words loosely related, to sex were gone next. BuyViagra, Levitra, xxx and more you might recognize if seen, all fell into the same category. Now by the way, a trend started to develop rather quickly. The ones where the sender had .ru as part of their email or url tended to account for just about all those comments in this paragraph and the one above. It must be colder and lonelier than there than anyone can imagine.

The remaining few comments were harder to discern, but alas, they too met even a worse fate than the delete key. They generally had good comments regarding the blog and some even said they “bookmarked” the site. When I placed either the sender’s email address or url in a Google search, the references coming back associated these senders with comment spammers. Never knew there were such people, but silly me for not figuring this out in advance. These were given the “spam” key treatment. Yes there is a spam key to associate with comments in Word Press.

The bottom line, I’m down to about 2 comments from what might be real people. Since I’m not exactly sure, I’m holding out posting these until I can do some additional research, or read the book (it’s that book thing again).

If there was anyone who actually left a comment and I deleted it and haven’t posted it yet because of the 99% bogus comments above, I apologize. But keep on leaving them and maybe it’ll be less than 9 months when I go through this ritual next.

BTW, this piece isn’t the reason I came back to the blog. That’ll will be posted next.


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