This is interesting IV – (WordPress tags)


WordPress tags” box. Not having a book and not finding anything in a quick search of help, I took a guess. My guess is that tag is not the childhood game, tag is not what tells you what the price of an article is, tag is not the piece(s) of skin hanging from under your arm pits or other unwanted places that fortunately not very many people see. If you don’t know what the last phrase means, you will when you get a little older. 

Well my guess was wrong, so I’m eating crow again and deleting my uninformed guess and replacing it with a snippet from the official WordPress glossary definition of a tag:  “A tag is a keyword which describes all or part of a Post … Tags can be created on-the-fly, by simply typing them into the tag field.”

Tags are used by WordPress search to locate posts which might refer to the same subject(s).  So help your reader search by adding appropriate tags to posts so search can find related posts easily.  For example tags might be: X, XX, XXX, XXXX, for a series of posts which might refer to adult oriented topics.  And remind me to add another blog about X ratings.


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