Eat Pray Love – Movie Review


Eat, Pray, Love.  If I had done any of these for the 2.25 hours the movie ran, I would’ve been better served. 

As this is the movie adaption of a book that was on The Times best seller list for almost three years, there are some of you out there who will want to see it to compare with the book.  You have an excuse to see the movie now.  For everyone else, wait until it’s available on Netflix.  Eat, Pray, Love  is well; acted, directed and shot.  However there’s little substance or story to hold it together.

Overall rating: 3 numb butts.  Eat, Pray, Love.   Do them singly or in any combination rather than see the movie.  Don’t know about your case, but in mine, two of those are a required combination in a specific order which cuts down the possibilities to a manageable level.  Maybe I should move to Bali?


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