Salt (2010) – Movie Review


She’s not Bourne again.  But she’s a fair Elvis.




Regurgitating the plot is not something that’s usually done here.  Most of the details of the movie can be found in often boring detail elsewhere.  But this one deserves a little explanation, if only to test your credibility.  As alluded to in the opening sentence, Salt has some similarities to the Bourne series.  As was Jason Bourne,  Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie – if you haven’t figured this out)  is raised solely to be an assassin, a spy, or whatever it is her handlers want her to be.  Also, as has Bourne, Salt has a little rebellious spirit in her.  That spirit combined in a completely skilled spy, results in some movie mayhem.  That in short is what the movie is about, a typical action/adventure/spy/thriller.

However, here’s the credibility stretch.  While Bourne’s identity and background is a fuzzy memory to him and us, Salt seems to know her background.  Not to give the story away, she has something to do with a plot launched during the cold war by Russia to infiltrate key U.S. agencies and at a designated date, say about 20 years later, seize and fire nuclear missiles into the Mid-East to make the world mad at the U.S.  That’s a long way to go to make the world mad at the U.S., when just by the natural course of events, the world is mad at the U.S. anyhow.

The bottom line on Salt is, it’s an okay movie.  Good for a rental.  The story is a little unbelievable, the action is typical and looking for Elvis will keep you watching until the end.  Let me know if you see the resemblance.  The movie gets a 2.5 numb butt rating.


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3 Responses to “Salt (2010) – Movie Review”

  1. CineMuse Says:

    Great review thank you. Its a few years old now, but still an interesting film which I’ve just reviewed too. Am also a new follower.

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  2. how to train a chihuahua Says:

    Angelina Jolie is my most liked actress and I would be lying if I stated it is only due to the fact she is a great actress…


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