The American (2010) – Movie Review


Plenty of eye candy here, both nature and human.  However save this one for the DVD rental.

While the movie is entertaining and will keep your interest for the entire time, at the end there’s not much there.  We never find out what Jack (George Clooney) is about or how he got himself in the current situation.  In fact, I’m not sure Jack knows the answers either.  In either case Jack is hiding from something he really doesn’t want to be involved with anymore.  While Jack is trying to extricate himself from his business, others are also trying to fulfill his wishes, but in a more permanent way.

When you see the movie expect to see many slow dramatic gazes and equally slow dramatic scenes along with some slow dialogue to move things along slowly.  The action scenes and ultimate weapon Jack is creating seem more like early James Bond than anything you’ve seen recently in a movie of this genre.

As was stated before, save this one for your Netflix queue or local rental store.  For the ladies, George Clooney, and for the men, Violante Placido, raise this to a 2.75 numb butt rating on the numb butt scale.  And as a note, there’s no way those butts looked numb.

If there was any doubt, this is not George Clooney.

 As a further note, if all the women in this small Italian town looked like this, we could easily forgive the priest.


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