The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – 2009 – Movie Review


La Femme Nikita, Aeon Flux, Evelyn Salt, rolled into one 88 pound unlikely Swedish package.  This is Lisbeth Salander.  You won’t forget the name.

It will be interesting to see how Hollywood remakes this excellent movie come late December of this year.  With, no doubt, a big budget and a big star, Daniel Craig, go big expectations with the Christmas season release.  However the odds are strong that the Hollywood version has nowhere to go but down compared to this 2009 original.

This is the link to the 2011 Hollywood version review.  Hollywood came very close.

The simple reason is that some of the story, and scenes, are too raw to appear in mainstream movies.  Yet those scenes are important in understanding how and why Lisbeth is who she is and how she acts. Without them all that’s left is a good murder mystery.  With them is an intriguing captivating and unusual movie.

No doubt Hollywood will add in better production values and editing, but in the end it’s always the story that makes a movie what it is.  Lose the story and the movie goes with it.

For now, and until Netflix decides to change some policy, you can stream the original in preparation for your own comparison in December.  If you like the original, there are two more movies in the trilogy for you to stream.  Each builds on the first and reveals additional details of Lisbeth’s life. Even with subtitles and a length of around 2.5 hours each, these movies will keep you in your seat until the end.  Let’s see if Hollywood can do the same for the 95 minute length of their first remake.  I doubt it.

Go here for the review of the 2011 Hollywood version.


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13 Responses to “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – 2009 – Movie Review”

  1. Mr. Bobinsky Says:

    Awesome and grim movie. Just how I thought it’s supposed to be. Has a very clear Scandinavian tone (reminded me of “Headhunters”).

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  2. Trapped – Series 1 – 2015 – TV Series Review | Ain't Found A Good Title Blog Says:

    […] you liked the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy (Millennium series), this is of similar style.  I don’t know what it is about […]


  3. vafann Says:



    • steveo Says:

      ALDI, the German grocery store company. None in Sweden? I reviewed a can of their sardines in mustard sauce. That review is more popular than any movie review I’ve done. Sardines can be fun. Here in the US the sardines are actually Canadian.


      • vafann Says:

        No ALDI, we have a German grocery store company called LIDL though.


      • steveo Says:

        It looks like LIDL is a competitor to ALDI with similar kinds of stores. LiDL isn’t in the US yet, but has plans to expand here. I’ll have to see how their sardines are when they get here.


  4. vafann Says:

    The American version is called “Let Me In”.

    I have no idea ALDI sardine cans are. 🙂


    • steveo Says:

      We found the original, Let The Right One In. Just finished watching it. Very nice cinematography. Sort of a different kind of story. We’ll look for the American version next to compare.


  5. vafann Says:

    I like movie reviews 🙂

    I was surprised that they were able to make them so similar. I was even more surprised the way they handled ” Låt den rätte komma in” “let the right one in”. I didn´t think they would be able to make the ambience right, but it was almost exactly the same.


    • steveo Says:

      I agree. The American version came very close, but still second. Noomi Rapace was just perfect in the original movie.

      I’ll have to see if the other movie is on Netflix. I haven’t seen either version yet.

      I stopped doing movie reviews. I found more people reading my reviews of ALDI sardine cans.


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