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Chianti Salami – Food Review – ALDI

Chianti Salami ALDI

Chianti Salami

One of the things that always interests people is, who actually makes store brands?  Here’s a product where we can probably find an answer.


Volpi Soppresata Salami – Food Review


Volpi describes this very good salami as, “A coarse ground salami with a surprisingly smooth finish.”


Volpi Genova Salame – Food Review


I actually thought I was buying something else.  But it turned out to be a good mistake.


Trader Joe’s Chianti Artisan Salami – Food Review


Having been low on wine for at least a month, I made a long overdue trip to the Trader today.  While there, of course, it’s impossible to just come out of the store with what you thought you were going in for. So here’s a tasty extra which goes pretty good with the wine. 


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