Volpi Genova Salame – Food Review


I actually thought I was buying something else.  But it turned out to be a good mistake.

We’ve done two previous reviews of Trader Joe’s salami,  Chianti Artisan and Pinot Grigio Artisan.  As noted, we believe these are made by Volpi.  So here’s a Volpi branded salame for comparison.  This one was found at a local supermarket for under $5 and not at Trader Joe’s.  Along with savoring another good salami, some salami education was also obtained along the way.  Education to follow.

First, the salame.  This is another good product from Volpi.  In comparison to the two versions sold at Trader Joe’s, I put this salame in the middle.  Volpi Genova salame has a little less flavor than the TJ Chianti Artisan, but more flavor than the TJ Pinot Grigio Artisan.  Once again I attribute that to what I believe is the amount of garlic  used in making the salami.  Garlic counts a lot for me.  The thing that really makes it different from both TJ sold products is the texture.  The Genova seems to use smaller pieces of meat and fat which results in a more compact and chewier salame.   And that’s okay by me.  The texture helps put it above the Pinot Grigio.  So far the order of salami is; 1.  Chianti Artisan (flavor), 2. Genova (texture), 3. Pinot Grigio (third place ain’t bad).

Second, the education.  Here’s a link which explains why our Genova product is called salame and our TJ products are called salami (i versus e at the end of the word).  To save you a click, salami is the Americanized spelling of the Italian salame.

Third, the mistake.  I actually thought I was buying Genoa salami (no v in the name).  Genoa salami is what we always asked for when buying salami at our local Italian deli/food store a long time ago.  Well it turns out, if we believe the web, Genoa is another Americanization.  But this time, it’s an Americanization of the whole salami recipe/process.    However, whatever I used to eat a long time ago was as equally good as the salami reviewed here.  So, a mistake, but a good mistake.


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