Chianti Salami – Food Review – ALDI

Chianti Salami ALDI

Chianti Salami

One of the things that always interests people is, who actually makes store brands?  Here’s a product where we can probably find an answer.

This is excellent salami.  It appears to be the same salami Trader Joe’s sells under its store brand.  The only problem with this version ALDI sells is it may not be available all the time.  ALDI sells this under its Specially Selected brand.  I had never noticed it before two months ago, around the Thanksgiving holiday I believe.  Like many things ALDI, this is likely to be one of those things that comes and goes with the regularity of a clock that someone occasionally winds.  If you happen to notice it on the shelf and like salami, pick one up.  You won’t be disappointed.

How can we reasonably guess who supplies this to ALDI?  The USDA (US Department Of Agriculture) regulates certain categories of food.  This salami appears to fall into one of their categories.  On the package is a USDA stamp with an establishment number, “EST. 978”.  Tracing that back, we find  John Volpi & Co., Inc.  If my back tracking is correct, Volpi is an excellent company – which helps explain why this is an excellent salami.

It also comes in a Pinot Grigio version.  Let’s hope these become regular visitors to the ALDI shelves where you live.

Price $3.89   Calories  90/ounce

Chianti Salami ALDI

Chianti Salami

Chianti Salami ALDI - back

Chianti Salami
ALDI – back


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2 Responses to “Chianti Salami – Food Review – ALDI”

  1. Sheera Says:

    All salamis are great! I consider this one as limited edition of salami.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. steffspriental Says:

    Sounds absolutely delicious!


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