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Net Neutrality Results – 7% loss in page views.

12/20/2017 20, 2017

Net neutrality lost last week, as expected, and so did this  blog.  See previous post here.  Although unscientific, for the two days I had the WordPress “net slow down” simulation plugin enabled, there was roughly a 7% drop in page views compared to the two days before and the two days after.  I strongly suspect that page views would’ve dropped even further if I had kept the “slow down” simulation active for more days.

If you’re a blogger or a reader that wants to keep the internet alive with different and varied content, the battle for net neutrality continues.  The alternative to a neutral internet is to make the internet a place where you pay to see even more advertisements and limited content that someone else decides is what you like.

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Net Neutrality – One more day to save it.

December 13, 2017

Tomorrow the FCC votes to end net neutrality.  You can help stop that vote.  Click on the link below to see how.

As an analogy, look at it this way. If you buy a pair of shoes, should the shoe company be able to tell you what day of the week you can wear them? That’s basically what the FCC wants to happen with the internet. You can help stop that.

What is net neutrality?  Net neutrality is a current policy which prevents your internet service from controlling how the internet is used.  The FCC wants to end that policy, thus allowing your cable or phone company to control what and how internet content gets to your phone or your home.  You pay for your internet service, why should someone tell you how you’re able to use it?  Companies which send internet content pay to use their internet service to send that content.  Why should someone be able stop or slow down what they pay for?

WPC – Net Neutrality In Danger! – Photography

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May 8, 2017
You can help, Now!  To add your comments about this issue before it’s too late, go to this link US FCC (Federal Communications Commission) comment page.  Once there click on Express (upper right side) to add your comment (17-108 is the proceeding number).

As a blogger this is important to you.  We all depend on the Internet to fairly present our content to the world.  The rules which now require Internet Service Providers (ISP) to treat all content equally are about to be stripped away.  If the rules are stripped away that leaves it up to the various ISPs (ATT, Verizon, Comcast, etc.) to decide which content gets priority through the Internet.  Priority could be tied to who pays the ISP more to deliver content.  Or it could be tied to the ‘importance’ of the content.  Or it could be tied to, “that ISP just doesn’t like you.”  In short, what is now a fair system that operates without technical problems, can be changed to one that controls what goes over the Internet.  You’ve probably read about how that kind of control is applied in other countries.

So take a few minutes now to express your thoughts to the FCC.  I know they’ll appreciate them.

Read my submitted comments below.  This post was in response to WPC Danger!.

P.S. – As I’m about to post this, the FCC site is experiencing difficulties.  Maybe they haven’t paid their ISP?

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