WPC – Net Neutrality In Danger! – Photography

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May 8, 2017
You can help, Now!  To add your comments about this issue before it’s too late, go to this link US FCC (Federal Communications Commission) comment page.  Once there click on Express (upper right side) to add your comment (17-108 is the proceeding number).

As a blogger this is important to you.  We all depend on the Internet to fairly present our content to the world.  The rules which now require Internet Service Providers (ISP) to treat all content equally are about to be stripped away.  If the rules are stripped away that leaves it up to the various ISPs (ATT, Verizon, Comcast, etc.) to decide which content gets priority through the Internet.  Priority could be tied to who pays the ISP more to deliver content.  Or it could be tied to the ‘importance’ of the content.  Or it could be tied to, “that ISP just doesn’t like you.”  In short, what is now a fair system that operates without technical problems, can be changed to one that controls what goes over the Internet.  You’ve probably read about how that kind of control is applied in other countries.

So take a few minutes now to express your thoughts to the FCC.  I know they’ll appreciate them.

Read my submitted comments below.  This post was in response to WPC Danger!.

P.S. – As I’m about to post this, the FCC site is experiencing difficulties.  Maybe they haven’t paid their ISP?

As a blogger, retired IT professional and citizen, I would like to add my comments against the implementation of 17-108. Rather than restore Internet freedom, removing the regulations currently in place will make the Internet less free and potentially more costly to subscribers and content providers.

As a small content provider (blogger) I depend on fair prioritization of Internet traffic to allow my content to get through in a timely manner (or at all). While in the larger picture my 10,000 page views per month are a drop in the bucket, the people viewing my content deem it important. After all, they continue to view the content. And isn’t that how this is all supposed to work? Consumers should be making choices as to what they want by voting for content with their time and purchases. Putting the choice of what consumers “want” in the hands of government (censorship) or private companies (responsible to shareholder) is both undemocratic and not a free market.

As providers of a public infrastructure, ISPs should not be able to control which content is delivered to consumers. ISPs have ample opportunity to acquire needed capital and fees to maintain the infrastructure both from consumer subscriptions fees and connection charges for content providers. There is no need or justification for ISPs to add pay-for-play fees to content while going through the infrastructure.

17-108 would remove needed protections. That’s why I am opposed to it.


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    Perfect choice for this photo challenge.

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    […] Ain’t Found A Good Title Blog WPC – Net Neutrality In Danger! – Photography […]

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