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Bouquet and Bee (Gaillardia) – Photography


Went out yesterday looking for my Blue Heron which walked on water.  Didn’t find him, but found these pretty flowers shot from 19 feet away with a 300mm lens (that’s all I had with me).   Added the vignette through GIMP which was so painful (probably would’ve been just as painful for me in any editing software) I had to stop in the middle, go out, climb a ladder and clean my rain gutters.  Some day I’ll learn the software and happily watch the rain overflow my gutters.

The flower?  My best guess is some sort of Gaillardia (Joe Bell Flower), also known in Sweden as Flower Thingy.

Bouquet and Bee

Bouquet and Bee

Cattleya Orchid (?) – Photography


No real clue what this is, except pretty.  But my best guess is a Cattleya orchid.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule Of Thirds – Photography

Rule Of Thirds

Rule Of Thirds


An antique photo, from an antique camera, from an antique, that’s this week’s offering for the Rule Of Thirds Challenge.


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