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ALDI – Deutsche Küche – Herring Fillets in Curry Pineapple – Food Review


aldi, herring, pineapple curry, deutsche kuche food, review, price, calories, nutritionOctober 29, 2017

Herring, the adolescent sardine, what’s not to like?  If you’ve ever avoided herring because, well it’s herring, this may change your mind.  This herring comes packed in a not spicy curry sauce.  The curry is a little sweet, and a little pineappley. The curry disguises very well whatever preconceived notion of taste you may have of herring. The herring itself comes as fillets with a nice firm texture. And no, the herring does not taste fishy.  The herring also does not taste or look like any of that pickled stuff people bring out for New Year’s.  If you were worrying about that, forget about it.  On top of that it’s nutritious with: low carbs, relatively high protein and a more fun way to get some omega-3 than one of those gelatin oil filled capsules.  This is an ALDI Oktoberfest perennial offering, so you won’t be seeing it on the shelves until either next September for Oktoberfest or possibly next May for Maifest.

Calories  100 per serving (4 servings per can)
Price $1.69 per can

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aldi, herring, pineapple curry, deutsche kuche food, review, price, calories, nutrition


ALDI – Deutsche Küche – Museli Bars – Black Forest Cake – Food Review


aldi, Black Forest Cake Muesli Bars, food, review, price, calories, nutritionaldi, Black Forest Cake Muesli Bars, food, review, price, calories, nutritionOctober 25, 2017

This is not a very sweet tasting bar, but that’s part of the appeal.  There’s a nice undercurrent of sour cherries and dark chocolate.  Oats are oats.  The oats in this bar are a little tough and tasteless, as they are in most of these types of bars. But the cherry and chocolate let this bar stand out above the rest.  If you’re ever in the Black Forest or even the Eifel Forest take a few of these alone.

I suspect these were part of ALDI’s Oktoberfest.  So they may not be around again until next Oktoberfest or next spring for Maifest.



Calories  130 per bar
Price $2.69 per box (8 bars in a box)

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ALDI – German Pound Cake Trio – Food Review


ALDI, German Pound Cake Trio, food, review

January 7, 2017

This is the kind of product that used to be found at a local  bakery.  It’s too bad there aren’t more local bakeries anymore.

These are surprisingly light and fluffy.  The cake is slightly firmer than a Twinkie.  The center of each cake is filled with a fruit jam (1 each of: apricot, apple, cherry).  The cakes have a rich not overly sweet buttery taste and feel in the mouth.  Each cake comes in an individual thin cardboard baking tray.  They’re a nice change from the usual cakes that fill supermarket freezer cases.

ALDI – German Pound Cake Trio – Food Review


ALDI, Germany, pound cake

December 16, 2016

Maybe this should be labeled as half-pound cake?  The cake is surprisingly light and fluffy with a consistency similar to but firmer than a Twinkie.  The cakes have a nice taste and are not overly sweet.  There’s a thin layer of jam, with some pieces of fruit, embedded in the cake, sometimes rising to the surface.  Each cake comes in an individual thin cardboard tray.  This is a quality product similar to what local bakeries might have.  The only negatives are the price and calories (watch it, the box listed calories are for half a cake – really?).  The regular price is $3.99 per box of three cakes.  It seems many people agreed about the price as this was marked down to $1.99 when I purchased it.  One of the nice things about ALDI is we get to try some imported products that otherwise we’d never know existed.  For that reason alone, this is worth a try, if and when it comes around again to the ALDI freezers – especially if the price is $1.99.  Calories 380 per whole cake
ALDI, Germany, pound cake, nutrition

ALDI – Cherry Brandy Liqueur Cake – Food Review

aldi, deutsche kuche, liqueur cake, cherry brandy

Cherry Brandy Liqueur Cake ALDI

This is another (new?) variation on a theme.  One more amazing value ($2.49) in a dessert you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.


ALDI – Deutsche Kuche Liqueur Cake – Rum – Food Review




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