ALDI – Cherry Brandy Liqueur Cake – Food Review

aldi, deutsche kuche, liqueur cake, cherry brandy

Cherry Brandy Liqueur Cake ALDI

This is another (new?) variation on a theme.  One more amazing value ($2.49) in a dessert you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

April 3, 2016

The dark cake of this dessert is similar/same as the dark cake of the Jamaican rum variation.  There’s a hint of cherry flavor in the cake away from the center.  Everything just gets better as you work in towards the center of the cake where the cherry brandy seems to have been injected.  The cake becomes moister and the cherry flavor stronger.  The cherry flavor is relatively mild, long-lasting and very good.  And yes, one of the ingredients on the label is cherry brandy.

Missing is the quick pop of alcohol that escapes the rum version when package is first opened.  In general a brandy will have less alcohol than a rum.  There’s also an amaretto version (perhaps my favorite?) which has a light yellow cake base.  As with the other two flavors, the cake is not overly sweet.

At $2.49, it’s hard to think of anything else this good. As with the other two flavors, these cakes are something to be slowly savored.  The cakes are a seasonal special at ALDI and only around for about a week.  The seasons seem to be spring (now) and autumn.

Calories 300 per 1/5 cake (80g) – Price $2.49, 14.1 oz (400g) cake

aldi, deutsche kuche, liqueur cake, cherry brandy

Cherry Brandy Liqueur Cake – ALDI


aldi, deutsche kuche, liqueur cake, cherry brandy, nutrition

Cherry Brandy Liqueur Cake – ALDI – nutrition


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4 Responses to “ALDI – Cherry Brandy Liqueur Cake – Food Review”

  1. Rosemary Mrozak Says:

    Can these be ordered online??

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  2. brilliantatbreakfast Says:

    I just cut up one of these for a book club meeting and saved a slice for a pre-taste. Holy moly, this is good.

    Liked by 1 person

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