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ALDI – Belmont Premium Ice Cream – Butter Pecan – Food Review


ALDI, belmont, premium ice cream, butter pecan, price, review, calories, nutritionJune 22, 2018

Once a month the local senior center collectively celebrates everyone’s birthday that falls in that month. When the center lost their birthday ice cream donor, we volunteered to fill that role. So once a month we trek off to Aldi to buy 4 of these (assorted flavors) for the senior center. At a total cost around $10, it’s no big deal.

The birthday celebration takes place during the senior lunch at the center.  Since I’m never present for the senior lunch, one day it occurred to me that I’ve never actually had any of this ice cream. To rectify that obvious problem, here’s a review.

No one would ever confuse this ice cream with something like Ben & Jerry’s, but it’s still pretty good on its own. While the first ingredient on the label is cream, it’s not the creamiest ice cream I’ve ever had.  But it’s still creamy enough to make the mouth feel good. The sweetness is just about right, neither too sweet, nor not sweet enough. The flavor is spot on for butter pecan. The pecans are to go nuts for. Plentiful and big, if the pecans were removed from the ice cream, and sold alone as a bag of nuts, you’d come close to paying the same price.

ALDI, belmont, premium ice cream, butter pecan, price, review, calories, nutritionWhen compared with a store brand on sale from a local full-service supermarket, this is much better.  The store brand was $4 on sale. But the real problem was the lack of quality. This is good.  The major supermarket brand was not.

So whether you’d like to celebrate birthdays with the local seniors or just celebrate yours at home, give this a try at a truly remarkable price.

Calories 170 per half cup serving (67g)

Price  $2.39 per 1.5 quarts (1.4L),  12 servings per container


This is an independent review of a product purchased from ALDI.  The author(s) are customers of ALDI and have no business or other relationship with ALDI.  If you have an issue with the product and desire to contact ALDI, either see your local store manager or use the ALDI customer contact URL immediately below to send a message to ALDI.

ALDI customer contact URL –


ALDI – Belmont Dutch Apple Crumb Pie – Food Review


ALDI, Belmont, Dutch Apple Crumb Pie, review, calories, price, nutritionJanuary 2, 2017

Crumby, Crumbly, Caramba!

This is something that’s been in our freezer since around Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, ALDI only seems to stock their fruit pies for the year-end holidays.  So you may need to wait for this to show up again.  When it does make its appearance again, this is a good one.

The “crust” is what makes this pie.  There are plenty of crumbs that cook up just perfectly in the oven.  This crust is nothing like the usual freezer pie crust that tends to be somewhat industrial.  Even the bottom of this crust is crispy and crumbly, tending to break into pieces as it’s extracted from the pie pan.


ALDI, Belmont, Dutch Apple Crumb Pie, review, calories, price, nutritionThe filling is good, with small pieces of apple mixed in with a sweet thick apple syrup.  I would’ve preferred more and larger pieces of apple and less of the syrup, but as noted above, this pie is all about the crust.

Calories  320 per slice,  9 slices per pie

Price – lost receipt, probably around $5

ALDI – Belmont Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake – Food Review


aldi, Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake, Belmont, food, review, price, calories, nutritionOctober 25, 2017

Well this is somewhat misleading.  But it will be eaten nonetheless.

I’m a sucker for cheesecake.  The picture on the box looked really good.  The title was enticing.  How could anyone resist the words chocolate truffle and cheesecake combined in one place?  The price was more than right.  And the everyday cheesecake at ALDI is pretty wonderful.  So this would be one step beyond wonderful.  Right?  Not exactly.  But, like the mushrooms that share the same name, this sort of grows on you.

Rather than a cheesecake this is more like a chocolate mousse (with horns) sitting on a thickish chocolate graham cracker “crust”.  “With horns” in this context means thick and beefy mousse.  If I didn’t have the box to read, I wouldn’t know this was a cheesecake, even one of those light fluffy cheesecakes.  The chocolate flavor is neither sweet milk chocolate nor dark semi-sweet chocolate.  It’s somewhere in the middle with an earthy tinge to it (like a real truffle?).  The graham cracker crust is crunchy in the mouth.  That provides an interesting textural contrast with the soft “cheesecake” topping it.  Even though it doesn’t taste exceptionally sweet, I’m sure there’s a bunch of sugar in it.


Belmont Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake – ALDI – Food Review


aldi, strawberry swirl, cheesecake, belmontOctober 29, 2016aldi, strawberry swirl, cheesecake, belmont, nutrition

Thick, creamy, sweet swirls – this couldn’t be better.  Rather than a whole cheese cake which takes up a considerable amount of space in the freezer, there are two cheesecake slices in this much smaller packaging.   The slices may seem to be on the small side, but when considering the 310 calories per slice and the feeling of satisfaction after eating, the size is just about perfect.

The cheesecake part is slightly tart, as cheesecake should be.  The nice tasting strawberry swirls add some sweetness when encountered.   The cheesecake sits on a graham cracker crust.  At a dollar per slice this is more than worth the extra time spent at the gym to work off those calories.

Price $1.99 (2 slices)       Calories 310 per slice



Belmont New York Style Cheesecake – ALDI – Food Review

ALDI - Belmont New York Style Cheesecake

ALDI – Belmont
New York Style

Is it?  Not really.  But it’s pretty darn close, and about as good as you’re going to find in a supermarket freezer.

ALDI Belmont Berry Berry Pie – Food Review


Berry Berry Good.


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