ALDI Belmont Berry Berry Pie – Food Review


Berry Berry Good.

This was picked up for the holiday season last year.  Unfortunately, coordination being one of the things lacking from this household, we ended up with two pies but only one dinner to bring them to.  So this one sat in the freezer until recently when the sheer size of it made it necessary to remove, cook and eat.

This is a 9 inch deep dish 2 and one-half pound frozen pie for $4.99.  That’s a lot of pie for an everyday modest price.   All you’ll need to do is cook it in the oven for about 50 minutes and let it cool for a couple of hours before digging in and enjoying.

The quality is excellent.  Although I’m sure there’s plenty of sugar in the pie, the taste is still on the tart side, like a berry pie should be. Unlike some pies, you won’t have to look on the box to find the berries.  There are plenty of berries in the pie, blackberries and raspberries to be exact.  Along with the berries, come little berry seeds.  If you’re not a frequent eater of these kinds of berries, the little crunchy feeling of the seeds under your teeth may take a little getting used to.  However that’s just another indication that this pie is the real thing.

Calories  330 per slice,  9 slices per pie     Price $4.99


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19 Responses to “ALDI Belmont Berry Berry Pie – Food Review”

  1. marie Says:

    Best store brought pie I have ever had.flakly crust, real apple slices, and easy to cook. Will buy again if Aldi has in stores in the coming months. Perfect for holiday dinners.

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    • steveo Says:

      I believe this is seasonal. So it may not be around much longer. Your local store crew will probably know.


  2. Marilyn Geistmann Says:

    First time buying this cherry pie. Better than any other frozen bake at home pie. Will definitely buy more if I see them at Aldies in Victoria, texas

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  3. John Calzolano Says:

    Aldi Belmont Pies (Cherry & Apple), are the very best tasting of any pie that can be bought at a grocery store anywhere. Would love to have other pie flavors sold at our Aldis in Mooresville, NC.
    Comment: would slightly ease up on the nutmeg in the Apple Pie.

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  4. Diana WeissDg Says:

    Can i buy pies from the Belmont factory

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    • steveo Says:

      Hi again. I’m a customer like you, but I believe Belmont is just ALDI’S store brand. I don’t know if their supplier has other outlets for the pies. These pies usually show up around this time of the year, so look for them at ALDI on your next trip there.


  5. Diana WeissDg Says:

    All of your fruit pies are100% the best
    The apple cherry and berry berry are my favorites di

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  6. Meghan Says:

    I am trying to find these pies! My family went crazy for the berry berry and the peach one! Do you know if they’re still around??

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  7. Pam Bolks Says:

    My parents and I would like to buy your pies but our Aldis have stopped carrying them

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  8. Beverly Smart Says:

    Excellent Pie! Have been buying at Aldi’s but for the past year they haven’t had anything but the apple which is sent with the Berry Berry Pie. Myself and my friends have concluded that this pie is being held for special customers. Have tried 4different Aldi’s.


  9. Ruth Miller Says:

    Can i order pies on line


  10. Ruth Miller Says:

    Were Can I Buy the Berry Berry Pie By Belmount


    • steveo Says:

      Belmont is the store brand for ALDI stores. If you have an ALDI grocery store near you, try looking there. I’m not sure if this is a seasonal item or available year round. I don’t know if these can be ordered online. I sort of doubt it. If you find it, hope you like it.


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