ALDI – Belmont Dutch Apple Crumb Pie – Food Review


ALDI, Belmont, Dutch Apple Crumb Pie, review, calories, price, nutritionJanuary 2, 2017

Crumby, Crumbly, Caramba!

This is something that’s been in our freezer since around Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, ALDI only seems to stock their fruit pies for the year-end holidays.  So you may need to wait for this to show up again.  When it does make its appearance again, this is a good one.

The “crust” is what makes this pie.  There are plenty of crumbs that cook up just perfectly in the oven.  This crust is nothing like the usual freezer pie crust that tends to be somewhat industrial.  Even the bottom of this crust is crispy and crumbly, tending to break into pieces as it’s extracted from the pie pan.


ALDI, Belmont, Dutch Apple Crumb Pie, review, calories, price, nutritionThe filling is good, with small pieces of apple mixed in with a sweet thick apple syrup.  I would’ve preferred more and larger pieces of apple and less of the syrup, but as noted above, this pie is all about the crust.

Calories  320 per slice,  9 slices per pie

Price – lost receipt, probably around $5


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5 Responses to “ALDI – Belmont Dutch Apple Crumb Pie – Food Review”

  1. SueT唐 梦 琇 Says:

    I love the crusts on these types of pies abd this one sounds good through your explanation Steve, but not a fan of apples inside a pie.

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  2. David Says:

    I love their baking instructions. Detail but clear and concise with great graphics. Are the apple pieces misleading in the picture above the instructions? Looks like a good number and not that small.

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    • steveo Says:

      The top picture looks about right. The bottom picture looks optimistic.
      I grew up within walking distance of at least two bakeries. I have a high standard for Apple pies. This is a good frozen supermarket pie. The graphics are for people like me. They worked well in this case.


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