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Zombie Strippers (2008) – Movie Review


Not even Jenna Jameson’s bare chest could save this one.  While a plot synopsis normally isn’t given in these reviews, it would be difficult to write one for this movie, as there is little or no plot.  The bottom line,  3.5 numb butts.  Only Jenna saved it from rating a perfect 4.



Shaun Of The Dead – movie review


Two buddies trying to never grow up, share a flat (yes it is British) and somehow ineptly survive a newly infected zombie world with a surprising ending.

Simon Pegg, co-author and star,  notes, we didn’t want to make a comedy zombie movie, we wanted to make a zombie movie and comedy movie at the same time.  Whether he succeeded, of even if that’s possible, is left up to you to decide.  The end result, however, is a movie worth watching for anyone who knows what a zombie is.


This is interesting VIII – WordPress Plugins – Shaun Of The Dead – Zombieland


Despite the effects of two small ( I stress the word small) glasses of wine, I managed to install my first WordPress plug-in tonight.  To digress, two small glasses of wine never used to have this effect.  As a note of caution to the reader, as you age and mature (well more like age, because most of us sure don’t mature), what used to be a pleasurable creative experience becomes a cloud of huhs? and missed keystrokes.  At any rate, I’ll use the excuse that my attention has been divided between installing the plug-in and writing about it; with an unbiased viewing of Shaun of the Dead (Comedy Channel – with references to come when I sober up) compared to Zombieland (more references later).   As you can tell, the plug-in lost. 

The results follow:

Shaun of the Dead: classic British humor with mild Zombie guts and gore.

Zombieland: classic American B movie done to perfection.

Both worth a watch, but Zombieland rocks.  Double tap.

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