This is interesting VIII – WordPress Plugins – Shaun Of The Dead – Zombieland


Despite the effects of two small ( I stress the word small) glasses of wine, I managed to install my first WordPress plug-in tonight.  To digress, two small glasses of wine never used to have this effect.  As a note of caution to the reader, as you age and mature (well more like age, because most of us sure don’t mature), what used to be a pleasurable creative experience becomes a cloud of huhs? and missed keystrokes.  At any rate, I’ll use the excuse that my attention has been divided between installing the plug-in and writing about it; with an unbiased viewing of Shaun of the Dead (Comedy Channel – with references to come when I sober up) compared to Zombieland (more references later).   As you can tell, the plug-in lost. 

The results follow:

Shaun of the Dead: classic British humor with mild Zombie guts and gore.

Zombieland: classic American B movie done to perfection.

Both worth a watch, but Zombieland rocks.  Double tap.


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