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Trader Joe’s Spanakopita – Food Review – Triangles – filled with spinach, feta, ricotta


Refresh your geometry with TJ’s Spanakopita.


Greek Cheese Appetizers – Tiropites – Recipe


The recipe was supposed to make about 60 of these.  You’re looking at my total yield.  However there is salvation.


Spanakopita – the real thing – recipe


It was a little bit ago that we reviewed Trader Joe’s Spinach Pie (Spanakopita) and found it good, but not as good as Mama used to make.  Since Mama actually never made spanakopita, that left it up to me to find a recipe and see how Mama would’ve made it, if she had.  So here’s Mama’s spanakopita recipe.


Trader Joe’s Spinach Pie – Spanakopita


It’s not like Mama used to make.  But then, Mama never made Spanakopita.

The most amazing thing with this product is that it’s baked in the cardboard box it comes in.  And I’m not talking about microwave baking.  I’m talking about a real oven.  Right in the cardboard box, and no flames.


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