Trader Joe’s Spanakopita – Food Review – Triangles – filled with spinach, feta, ricotta


Refresh your geometry with TJ’s Spanakopita.

Now we have three choices for classic Greek Spinach Cheese pies;  TJ’s Spinach Pie,   Spanakopita – The Real Thing (recipe – roll your own)   and now TJ’s Spanakopita – filled with spinach, ricotta & feta cheese. 

No real complaints with these spanakopita, other than they leaked a little during baking and will require some extra cleaning on my bake sheet.  But the bake sheet is non-stick, so do I really care?

The filo dough was nice and flakey.  As it should be.  And this was after sitting in my freezer for a couple of months.  The triangular shapes make me jealous, because they caused me so much trouble before (see tiropites recipe). The filling was good.

Why didn’t I say the filling was excellent?  This is the same complaint I have with TJ’s spinach pie.  There is not enough feta cheese.  The thing that makes spanakopita, is that nice salty very mildly earthy taste of the feta cheese.  I missed it here.   Whether there just wasn’t enough feta in the filling or the pieces of feta were much too small to hold their own against the spinach, I don’t know.  I still prefer my recipe over either of TJ’s products.

Having said that, this is still good stuff.  When you don’t have enough time and haven’t mastered geometry enough to make your own triangles (like me), at about 33 cents an equilateral triangle (or are they isosceles?), this is a nice easy appetizer or side dish to serve to your guests, or WTH, to yourself.

One interesting aside, TJ is very much into putting their little vegetarian seal on their vegetarian products.  This one does not carry that seal or any other type of TJ’s seals.  It certainly appears to fall into a vegetarian category. 

Calories:  170   Serving Size: 3 pieces  (about 60 calories per triangle)

Price:  $3.99


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