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Risotto In Tomato Sauce – Recipe


The thought sounded good,  creamy rich rice combined with thick flavorful tomato sauce.  In reality, not so good.



Spicy Vegetarian Risotto – Simple Method – recipe


I felt guilty (sort of) writing up this recipe first with the traditional risotto cooking method.  So here it is, slightly modified, and cooked using the simple risotto method.


Spicy Vegetarian Risotto – recipe


It turned out not as comforting as the non-vegetarian risotto, but I still couldn’t stop eating it.


Simple Basic Risotto – How can we go wrong? – recipe


Chicken soup for the soul.  A heaping mound of mashed potatoes.  Mac and cheese.  Risotto is every comfort food rolled into one unique dish.  And, it’s pretty quick and easy.


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