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Frost Vs. ICE – Orange Mango – Food Review – ALDI


ALDI, frost drink, ICE drink, orange mango

October 18, 2016

The very bottom line on both these drinks is, they’re very similar sparkling sucralose sweetened flavored water with a few vitamins thrown in.  For me ICE has a slightly better flavor.  However there’s not enough difference between the two that I buy one over the other.  When in ALDI I’ll throw a few Frost bottles in my basket and when in another store I’ll throw a few ICE bottles in my basket.

There is a considerable difference in price per bottle, 49 cents for Frost and generally around $1 for ICE.  While that’s a 100% difference, the relatively low cost for either and the few bottles I purchase doesn’t break or make my food budget either way.  Sparkling Frost, I assume, is ALDI’s store brand under the PurAqua product line.  Sparkling ICE is a national brand available in many retail outlets.

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