Frost Vs. ICE – Orange Mango – Food Review – ALDI


ALDI, frost drink, ICE drink, orange mango

October 18, 2016

The very bottom line on both these drinks is, they’re very similar sparkling sucralose sweetened flavored water with a few vitamins thrown in.  For me ICE has a slightly better flavor.  However there’s not enough difference between the two that I buy one over the other.  When in ALDI I’ll throw a few Frost bottles in my basket and when in another store I’ll throw a few ICE bottles in my basket.

There is a considerable difference in price per bottle, 49 cents for Frost and generally around $1 for ICE.  While that’s a 100% difference, the relatively low cost for either and the few bottles I purchase doesn’t break or make my food budget either way.  Sparkling Frost, I assume, is ALDI’s store brand under the PurAqua product line.  Sparkling ICE is a national brand available in many retail outlets.

Frost vs. ICE

Paler color vs. not as pale color
10 calories (per 17 ounce serving) vs. zero calories (per 8 ounce serving)
Slightly less flavorful vs. slightly more flavorful (opinions may differ)
49 cents vs. $1
No yellow 6 vs. yellow 6  (per label ingredients)
Sugars – 1gm (per 17 ounces) vs. zero gm (per 8 ounces)
2% juice vs. 3% juice
Sodium 10mg (per 17 ounces) vs. zero mg (per 8 ounces)


Selected vitamins (see bottles) – 20% daily requirement per bottle
Green tea extract – 50 mg (per bottle)
No mango on ingredient label
Orange juice concentrate

Serving Size and Nutrients

The difference in serving size accounts for some of the differences in the “Nutrition Facts”.  ICE lists its nutrients per 8 ounce serving (about half a bottle), Frost lists nutrients per 17 ounces (a full bottle).  Why do they make it so difficult to compare products?

Yellow 6

Yellow 6 probably accounts for the slightly deeper color of the ICE drink.  Frost lists on the label, “NO certified synthetic colors”.  This is important if you have a problem with Yellow 6 or want to avoid added artificial food colors in general.


Both use sucralose as a sweetener.  If you have a problem with sucralose or want to avoid artificial sweeteners in general, you may want to look for other alternatives.

Price – Frost 49 cents (17 ounce bottle), ICE approx. $1 (17 ounce bottle)
Calories – Frost 10 (17 ounce bottle), ICE zero (8 ounce serving)
ALDI, frost drink, ICE drink, orange mango, nutrition

Frost on left

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