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WPC – Transient Moment – Photography


street photography, transient, wpc, park, summer, hot, water, dog

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WPC – More Than A Friend – Photography


And the kid walks? Find out here, maybe.

WPC – Reflecting On A Long Career – Photography


WPC, reflecting, dog, fire engine, retired, dalmation

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WPC – Security Dog – Photography


wpc, security, dog, chihuahua

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Sleepy Partners – Photography


partners, sleepy, dog, chihuahua, monchrome

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Weekly Photo Challenge – One Love – Photography

Love in its most singular state is a smile.
Smile together, be one love.
one love, smile, dog, chihuahua

One Smile, One Love

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Harmony – Photography

 “All I need is a warm blanket.”
chihuahua, dog, blanket portrait

In Harmony With The World

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Turtle Thursday – Guest – Another Chihuahua – Photography


chihuahua, dog, portrait

Turtle Thursday – Happy New Year 2016! – Photography

Hope you're feeling better.

Hope you’re feeling better.

Turtle Thursday – Gone To The Dogs – Photography (6 photos)


With the lack of turtle pictures for the winter, Turtle Thursday has really gone to the dogs.

You are getting sleepy. Very sleepy.

You are getting sleepy. Very sleepy.


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