ALDI – Mama Cozzi’s Stone Baked Spinach & Goat Cheese Pizza – Food Review


This was full of surprises.

A supermarket pizza in the 3 dollar range is usually judged by how easy it is to tell the difference between the pizza and the cardboard circle it comes packed on.  Not in this case.  For one, there’s no cardboard circle.

Always on the lookout for something a little unusual, the words goat cheese on the box label caught my eye.  While not exactly up to the level of Anthony Bourdain, another food adventure began as two boxes touched bottom of the grocery bag.  At $3.49 each, expectations were low, but then so was the price. Not a lot of investigation went into the decision, meaning I didn’t take the time to read past the words goat cheese.

Where I grew up, mozzarella cheese was the only thing that appeared on pizza.  And while I didn’t know or care at the time where the cheese came from, the thought of a goat as the source rightly never crossed my mind.  If I had read the label and found that mozzarella cheese was not one of the ingredients, the boxes might have stayed in the freezer case. About the only traditional ingredient on this pizza is some tomato sauce.

The other surprises on the label are spinach, Emmentaler cheese (Swiss cheese), cherry tomatoes and a touch of whole wheat in the crust.

A few taste surprises are also in order.  The goat cheese, and there are plenty of large chunks of it, doesn’t really melt like mozzarella, but stays in a soft cream cheese like state.  There’s a nice tangy taste to the goat cheese.  The Emmentaler cheese is there, but really doesn’t stand out from the other ingredients.  The spinach stays leafy and tasty.  No mushy spinach here from being frozen.  As expected from the ingredients, the crust has a bit of whole wheat taste to it.  The really big surprise are the cherry tomatoes, which are sliced in half and placed liberally around the pizza.   The tomatoes retain a fresh sweet taste.

The only down side is the size.  This is about a 10 inch pizza.  It’s good for two people, and maybe a third if everyone is a light eater.

Overall, the quality of this pizza and the non-traditional ingredients place this in the category of a specialty pizza costing twice the price.  It’s really that good.  If you don’t mind going a little out of the ordinary, give it a try.  But give it a try quickly, because it was marked “special purchase, while quantities last”.

The final surprise is, this pizza is made in Germany.  So now if you buy a luxury car, you can get a frozen pizza to go with it.

Calories  350 per slice (3 slices per pizza)    Price  $3.49


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21 Responses to “ALDI – Mama Cozzi’s Stone Baked Spinach & Goat Cheese Pizza – Food Review”

  1. Angela Torres Says:

    Wow! What a great light pizza!
    This is a big surprise and also a quick fix ..,

    It’s a balance meal , fill as a healthy way to go!

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  2. Randy Says:

    OMG I love these pizzas. The amount of goat cheese on them would usually cost $2-3 on its own. I have been looking for them every time I go for the last few years. They usually only get them once or twice a year and I stock up. For an extra special treat, drizzle some balsamic glaze on it before eating. Flavor EXPLOSION.

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    • steveo Says:

      Thanks for adding your comment Randy. Yes, unfortunately, they only seem to be available a couple of times a year. I too buy some extras depending on how much room I have in the freezer at the time. I’ll try the balsamic glaze next time.


  3. Sherrie Kenney Says:

    I came home from Aldi and popped this in the oven (intending to share). I DID NOT SHARE. I ate the whole thing — and wish I had more. The crust was perfect – just like a brick oven pizza – the tomatoes were tangy, the goat cheese – TO DIE FOR! I am definitely heading back for more of this. I am not looking at the ticket, but I think I paid less than $3!!! It is absolutely gourmet. (Is this too much, lol?) So, good.

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    • steveo Says:

      They’re usually only around once or twice a year for a short time, so buy an extra one or two until next time.


  4. Laverne williams Says:

    Please stock again


  5. Jeff Spencer Says:

    I agree with Lynne GeBott, please Aldi’s bring it back to your shelves!


  6. Dee Says:

    Let me start of by saying that I am NOT a pizza lover. I actually took the stands of saying “I don’t eat pizza”. For several weeks I saw this product in a popular NYC discount store(Jack’s- they sell EVERYTHING). Since I was trying to get my family to eat healthier, I figured so what if they don’t like it, it was only $1.99. Yes, only $1.99. I made it, got mixed reviews and then I tasted it. Oh my. i was pleasantly surprised. Next day I went back to the store and bought several(8-10). This pizza became part of my weekly dinner menu. The store has been out for a few months and everyday I go back to check if it’s in stock. Have also had the 5 cheese french bread pizza and even though I enjoyed it, I keep consumption to a minimum as it has very high sodium count.


  7. Lynne GeBott Says:

    Love it, I have been buying it for weeks and now they don’t have it any longer. I have stopped at Aldi’s twice now and NONE. I was so disappointed! Get it back! Please please please


  8. mary Says:

    I love this pizza it is the only kind I enjoy eating. Wish it was at Aldi’s all the time I go. I buy at least 6 when I do find them so I have some on stock. Please, make this a regular item at Aldi’s.


  9. Natalia Mirksyaya Says:

    I love goatcheese for its specific tangy-sweet taste, so when I saw this pizza with huge chunks of it, AND for $3.49 (are they serious???), I wanted to cry tears of joy. Although the price also made me very skeptical. I was completely amazed at how delicious this pizza was, with fresh cherry tomatoes and soft chunks of goat cheese. The key is to spread the goat cheese all over the pizza, so it layers it and you dont get it just in separate bites. It is sitting in front of me as we speak, and I am planning to go out tomorrow and get several more boxes.


  10. Jessie Says:

    I love these pizzas too! We get them for when we have a hectic evening and no time to cook. 😀


  11. Pat R Says:

    I had this pizza a while back and have looked for it each time I visit Aldi since then, even today! Sorry to learn it may not be available again. It was surprisingly delicious! I originally purchased it out of curiosity, seeing spinach and tomatoes as ingredients caught my eye as I normally choose veggie pizzas and I love sliced tomatoes on my pizza. I’m not fond of very thick crusts and this was just right for my tastes. My expectations were not very high when I first bought it, but I knew at the least it would be a quick inexpensive meal. I don’t normally buy frozen pizza, but I will be sure to purchase this one again if it is ever offered, and I will purchase more than one. Far better than any frozen pizza I’ve ever had and even better than many Pizza chains. The price can’t be beaten either.


    • steveo Says:

      ALDI is an interesting store. It seems like they have special interesting things like this for a week or two and then they disappear. I’m hoping they eventually bring these pizza back just like the portable electric generators which seem to reappear every 3 months.


  12. sweetopiagirl Says:

    Reblogged this on Inspiredweightloss.


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