ALDI Chef’s Cupboard Beef Broth – 32 oz. Box – Food Review


Picked this up because the onions were a ridiculously low price.

“Not much” are the key words here.  There’s not much taste.  There’s not much salty taste.  There’s not much color.  There’s not much price.  There’s not much price difference between this and canned in a real can beef broth.

While I’ve never taken a quick small shot of other beef broth to compare with this, I’d say there are better tasting beef broths out there.  Beef broth (or any broth)  is supposed to add flavor to foods, especially soups.  If it doesn’t have much taste straight out of the box, it can’t add much flavor to the other food.

While there isn’t a salty taste to the broth,  the label lists 890 mg of sodium per cup (8 ounces or 240 ml).  That sounds like a lot.

The $1.29 price is not high when compared to a similar 32 ounce paper-pack box of beef broth at other stores.  But it’s also just about the same price as two cans of store, or even national, brand beef broth on sale at big-box supermarkets.  Two cans will be a total of around 30 ounces of broth.  Chef’s Cupboard may be low-priced for paper-packed broth,  but not a real bargain in comparison to canned broth.

I suppose I should mention the onions that started all this.  At 50 cents for a 3 pound bag, I couldn’t pass them up.  Actually I couldn’t pass them up twice.  With six pounds of onions, French onion soup was the obvious choice for onion disposal before the onions met spring and started to sprout.  French onion soup is typically made with beef broth.  That’s how we got here.

If you have the opportunity to buy 3 pounds of onions for 50 cents, pick up some of this beef broth and make French onion soup.  However, if you have the time to find a better beef broth, look elsewhere.

Calories  10 per cup (240 ml)      Price $1.29,  32 ounces (2 pounds,  907 g)

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4 Responses to “ALDI Chef’s Cupboard Beef Broth – 32 oz. Box – Food Review”

  1. Connie T Says:

    Also there are no Aldi stores in Nevada. I used to love to shop at them when I lived in TN.

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  2. Connie T Says:

    I love the beef stock concentrate at Costco the best. It tastes so good. You take 1 tsp of it to 1 cup of water. I made the best beef soup with it.

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    • steveo Says:

      For people who don’t have a Costco nearby, Better Than Bouillon has a good line of soup bases. Lots of flavor and variety.


  3. Ronda Larimer Says:

    Is this product Gluten Free?


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