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ALDI – Bremer Shepherd’s Pie – Food Review


ALDI, bremer, shepherds pie, price, review, calories, nutritionMay 14, 2018

This was surprisingly good.  The mashed potatoes topping the beef were okay. But the beef mixture underneath the potatoes was very tasty.  Tasty is one thing that’s missing from many frozen packaged items targeted to the customers’ lowest common denominator taste buds.  This is an exception.  The beef mixture was very beefy.  It also had that comfort food quality to it.  It’s something I’ll probably pick up again.

This was prepared in the microwave.  The 22 minute microwave time on the box proved more than adequate in my mid-sized microwave to reach well past the required 165 degree finished temperature.  Some of the mashed potatoes on the edges actually started to brown.  There are directions for oven cooking also which will set you back around 55 minutes.

ALDI, bremer, shepherds pie, price, review, calories, nutritionIt was difficult to remove a portion from the cooking container to the plate in the nicely layered way it appears in the box.  The beef mixture on the bottom was a little soupy and didn’t hold together well.  Oven cooking may firm up everything better, but no promises made.  Regardless, the flavor was nice.

The box suggests 4 servings per package.  However, if this is the only thing you’ll be having, that’s not going to be much of a meal.  More realistically this is enough for two people.  For 2 people, at $3 per serving, this is not a bad deal for a comforting filling dinner.  Heck, there’s even some corn, peas and carrots floating around with the beef.

Price $5.99 – 30 oz (851g) package

Calories  270 per serving (4 servings per package)

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