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Tofu U – Part 1 – Italian Style


Margaritas tonight.

Every 2 years, another failure.  That’s how often I give tofu a try, and how successful I’ve been in the past.  I’m sure somewhere there’s a way to cook tofu that turns out to be actually good.  Ain’t found it yet, but haven’t given up.   The pictures of tofu with grill marks straight off the barbeque look great.  Haven’t tried it that way, but I suspect in the end, another failure.  At least by my tastes. In fact the only tofu I remember being half-way good was in a Chinese restaurant surrounded by meat and vegetables with a lot of good tasting sauce on everything.  Maybe that’s the way to cook it?   Go to your local Chinese restaurant and order it there.  Here’s this year’s biennial challenge.


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