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Trader Joe’s – Mandarin Orange Chicken – Food Review


Trader Joe's, mandarin orange chicken, review, price, calories, nutritionWhen I read on the internet somewhere that this was one of the most popular items at Trader Joe’s, I knew I had to pick it up.  Unfortunately, or fortunately as it turned out, I didn’t read the cooking directions first.  This requires real cooking.  And there’s no microwave easy way out!  Well that turned out not to be the end of the world.  What I got in return was some pretty good takeout quality sweet-sour chicken.  And there was a lot of it, just like takeout.

I chose to cook the prebreaded chicken pieces in oil rather than cooking them in the oven.  That also gave me the opportunity to use my wok-like pot that I only use about once in a decade.  The flat bottom on the pot works well on our electric stove.  The chicken came out nice and crispy.



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