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ALDI – Butter Chicken w/ Basmati Rice – Journey To India – Food Review


ALDI, journey to india, flavors of the world, butter chicken, price, review, calories, nutritionJune 17, 2018

This is another item I found marked down at ALDI.  This wasn’t as good as the Thai Red Curry, also marked down, but still worth picking up the next time it’s available.  And that next time may be more than a few months as this appears to be one of those seasonal specials.

There’s plenty of rice in the package.  And the rice is pretty good.  It tastes like basmati rice, having that nice nutty characteristic and just a little heat. The rice clumped some during cooking and came out a little dry.  A shorter, like five minutes, microwave cooking time might have been friendlier to the rice. There was a fair amount of tender chicken in a nice tomato-based sauce.  There was plenty of sauce to mix with the rice, if that’s your pleasure.  The sauce itself was good, but lacked some of the creaminess and other flavors found in a better sauce.  As for heat, the sauce rated about a medium heat that tends to build in the mouth as you near the last bite.

Comparing this review with a previous review of a Trader Joe’s version of Butter Chicken, both are good but both also have a couple of deficiencies.  This one may be slightly better.  Here’s a review of an ALDI Chicken Tikka Masala done last year which was also part of this Flavors Of The World series.

ALDI, journey to india, flavors of the world, butter chicken, price, review, calories, nutritionCalories 350 per container

Price  $1.25 (marked down) per container (12.3 oz.  – 350g), $2.50 regular price


This is an independent review of a product purchased from ALDI.  The author(s) are customers of ALDI and have no business or other relationship with ALDI.  If you have an issue with the product and desire to contact ALDI, either see your local store manager or use the ALDI customer contact URL immediately below to send a message to ALDI.

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