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Vegetarian French Onion Soup – recipe


What’s not vegetable about an onion?  There are no French in the soup.  I hope not?  So why a special version for onion soup?



French Onion Soup – Like it used to be – Famous-Barr


It used to be that people would go to standalone department stores to shop.  Call them the old downtown department stores, if you will.  Some of these most likely still exist in some of the larger cities.  After hours of walking around in these cavernous multi-floor stores, people naturally became hungry.  It was the custom that most stores had some sort of cafeteria available where people could stop their empty stomach from talking back, rest their weary feet and most likely, to the store owner’s delight, keep them in the store.  In each cafeteria, no matter how average all the other food was, there was usually one specialty that became a must for every shopping trip.  This recipe is one of the musts served at the old mid-west Famous-Barr department stores.


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