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Trader Joe’s – Fort Cellars Merlot – 2012 – Wine Review

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Fort Cellars
Merlot 2012
Trader Joe’s

There’s a hint of vinegar on the cork and a medium-dark ruby color in the glass.  The aroma of a crude red wine fills the air in the glass.  Adding to the impression of a crude red wine is the dryish mouth feel of tannins, eventually leaving a semi-arid climate on the roof of the mouth.   A more than bearable taste follows that.  This is a classic table wine.  A wine that’s not “refined” but ready for a tussle with a hearty bowl of stew and a chunk of bread torn from a long loaf.  How would it stand up to a bowl of chili?  The thought had never crossed my mind until now.   Probably very well.


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