ALDI – Bremer – Gravy & Salisbury Steaks – Food Review


ALDI, Bremer Gravy and Salisbury Steaks, Nutrition, Review, Calories, PriceMay 12, 2017

This isn’t a well-aged prime New York strip steak to be dabbled with ketchup.  And really that wasn’t expected.

This is something for the person who worries about food wastage or worries more about being able to eat this evening.  With the primary ingredients of the steak being; mechanically separated chicken, beef, pork and soy protein concentrate, this product seems very old school.  By old school, I mean, don’t waste any ingredient or any part of any ingredient.  While we don’t exactly know which parts of what went into the grinder, we can evaluate what came out.

What came out of the grinder are six Salisbury steak patties and a whole bunch of gravy.  The steaks are bland.  The gravy has a touch of beef flavor to it.  The texture of the steaks is somewhere between chewable and gumable.  There’s nothing especially bad about the taste, and there’s nothing especially good about the taste.  For hungry people on a budget none of this is going to matter because it’s also warm and filling.

ALDI, Bremer Gravy and Salisbury Steaks, Nutrition, Review, Calories, PriceThe biggest negative is the large amount of sodium per patty – 690 mg each.  At 160 calories per patty, it’s unlikely one patty is going to do it for a meal.  For our tasting, two people split the contents (3 patties each) making our individual total sodium intake 2070 mg.  That’s just about a whole day’s worth of sodium.  Especially when the resulting product is still bland, why does it seem that manufacturers have to add so much salt (sodium) to a product?  Aside from the sodium; nutritionally the patty is a little heavy in fat, relatively low in carbohydrates, and has an okay amount of protein.

At just under 10 cents per ounce ($1.60 per pound), the steak and gravy combination is an economical way to feed 2 people.  Add in a frozen bag or can of vegetables for around a dollar and it’s not a bad deal.  That would be a dinner for two at around 550 calories each for under $3.50 total.  In a pinch, this might stretch to 3 people who are light eaters.  On top of that, there’ll be enough gravy left over to put on some potatoes in the morning.  Now if they could only reduce that sodium and add a little more flavor.

Calories  160 per patty    Price $2.29 per 28 oz box (6 Salisbury steak patties per box, and gravy)

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3 Responses to “ALDI – Bremer – Gravy & Salisbury Steaks – Food Review”

  1. Charles Christopher Robiy Says:

    No flavor nasty stray cats I feed wouldn’t eat it

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mollie Lovett Says:

    Although I do enjoy the meal, the plastic covering is extremely difficult to completely remove. I do NOT want plastic cooked into my food!

    Liked by 1 person

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