Trader Joe’s – Dutch Smoked Cheese – Food Review


Trader Joe, Dutch smoked Gouda cheese, review, price, nutritionMay 8, 2017

The aroma and flavor are pleasantly smokey, reminiscent of a barbecue.  The cheese is semi-soft to cut and creamy in the mouth.  The smoke flavor is a nice contrast to the texture of the cheese.  For $4.99 a pound this is a nicely flavored smoked cheese from Holland. If you’re in need of a smoked cheese and in or nearby a Trader Joe’s, this is a good and surprisingly economical choice.

Price $4.99 per pound   Calories  90  per ounce (28g)


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7 Responses to “Trader Joe’s – Dutch Smoked Cheese – Food Review”

  1. Armchair Critic Says:

    I like this cheese, too (am eating some as I write this, in fact). I’m curious why they seem to strategically AVOID calling it “Smoked Gouda”, though… They instead choose the rather generic “Dutch Smoked Cheese”… They do have a SLICED Smoked Gouda that they sell, which is labeled as such, but it tastes nothing like this. That’s how I ended up here: by doing a search, to see if I could find any info to answer this question. At the end of the day, it tastes good, and I guess that’s all that matters, but I’d still be interested in finding out

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  2. sloppy buddhist Says:

    I’m Dutch and I love cheese too 😀

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  3. becomebetty Says:

    I haven’t seen this yet. Ill keep an eye out for it.

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