Château Mayne Guyon – Côtes de Bordeaux – 2014 – Wine Review – Trader Joe’s


trader joes, wine, review, bordeaux, 2014, chateau mayne guyonJanuary 14, 2017

There’s a deep ruby-red color in the glass and a hint of vinegar on the cork.  A strange wet wood aroma emanates from the glass on first pour.  This aroma diminished after exposure to air.  In the mouth the wine seemed to change with each sip.  It was an interesting experience that I suspect would create much conversation around the table as each person might have a different taste experience.  Most of those changes were neutral to slightly positive.  One or two of the changes were slightly negative.  While not the finest example of a Bordeaux wine and possibly not even a good example, overall, the wine was drinkable and enjoyable.

Day two, with the wine exposed to air from the original uncorking and an overnight stoppered storage in the refrigerator, the wine produced some fruity overtones – for a short time.  Gone was the wet wood aroma.  Still present was one of the negatives, a slight off-taste at the back of the throat.

The wet wood aroma could be an indication of a faulty batch.  Even with the possible fault in this wine, the wine is still fair to good.

The bottle does not specify the type of grapes used in the wine.  An internet search lists the grapes as 80% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20% Merlot. If you’re looking for a wine from these types of grapes, think generic California red wines here, and have around $10 to spend, buy this one over the California choice.  Most likely this will be a better wine.

Price $7.99


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4 Responses to “Château Mayne Guyon – Côtes de Bordeaux – 2014 – Wine Review – Trader Joe’s”

  1. topochinesvino Says:

    The phenomenon of smell and taste you describe might be a “corked” wine. A sommelier would say it smells like wet newspaper. Happens in about 3 % of wines. Wonder if that’s what you got?

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    • steveo Says:

      Thanks for pointing that out. It certainly could be the problem. Now I’ll have a point of reference.

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      • odedi's Wine Reviews Says:

        Also called wet cardboard. You could return the empty bottle for a new one. Maybe next time

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      • steveo Says:

        I just found 3 of your comments in WordPress spam. I don’t know why WordPress did that. Thanks for your advice
        Since I only get to that store about once every 2 months, and it was under $10, and even with the slight taint it was still drinkable, it wouldn’t be worth the effort to return. But when I move up to their top shelf and the bottle’s bad, it’s going back.

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