Choceur – Cocoa Dusted Truffles – ALDI – Food Review


aldi, choceur, chocolate, truffles, reviewJanuary 14, 2017aldi, choceur, chocolate, truffles, nutrition, review
These are good without being overly exceptional.  That’s an odd statement even for me.

There’s a nice bit of chocolate that lives somewhere between a milk and a dark chocolate at the heart of each truffle.  There’s no WOW factor to them.  They’re relatively inexpensive for the amount of chocolate in the box.  And for that price should we expect a WOW factor?  The texture in the mouth  is smooth and melty.  The dusting of cocoa powder adds a bit of taste contrast to the milder chocolate center.  Overall these are a very competent chocolate if your chocolate tastes lean towards the milder side of dark chocolate.  One won’t, but two or three should help satisfy your chocolate craving.   Price $2.49 per box      Calories  240 (1.41 oz/40 g serving size)


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6 Responses to “Choceur – Cocoa Dusted Truffles – ALDI – Food Review”

  1. Annette Peterson Says:

    Spoke to a person at my Aldis and found out that a lot of items (grouped together in the store) are seasonal and another group is “as available” . Unfortunately 2 of my faves are seasonal: Choceur cocoa dusted truffles and Irish butter. DARN!

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    • steveo Says:

      Yeah. Unfortunately many things are seasonal and are only around for a week. The Moser Roth truffles are also good, and they seem to be an everyday item. Located with the rest of the candies, just as you enter the store to the left at my ALDI.


  2. Donna Grissom Says:

    Will they be available year round? Or, if not, when will they be again?

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  3. Patrice Says:

    I’m hoping that they will start selling them again. Our Aldi only sells them during the holidays!!! I noticed they’re starting to bring in holiday foods and will be checking back often to see if the truffles come back. Big hit in our family.

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