ALDI – Clancy’s Potato Chips (Original) – Food Review



Just like the ALDI tortilla chips, if you’re looking for potato chips to buy, go no further than ALDI.  The price is the right.  The quantity is right.  The taste is right.  You’re unlikely to find a better chip or a better price than these everyday chips.

These are not low salt, high salt,  no salt, sea salt, kosher salt, vinegar salt, salt-less, salt-more, artificial salt, table salt, rock salt, movie Salt, flavored salt, buttered salt,  unrefined salt, double fortified salt, caked salt or baked salt chips.  These are just old, when there used to be only one kind, style plain potato chips with salt.

These are not wavy, navy, hazy, lazy, thick, slick, mashed and then smashed by giant hydraulic presses (up to the point where cold fusion is obtained) into circular curvilinear shapes that neatly stack in a cylindrical can, crunched, scrunched, bunched, hunched, munched (well not in the bag at least), crinkled, wrinkled, baked, staked, settled, nettled, or kettled potatoes.

These are just, thinly sliced potatoes fried in vegetable oil and then sprinkled with salt, chips.  Why does it have to be more complicated?

Calories  150/1 ounce (about 15 chips)     Price $1.39 per 11 ounce bag


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26 Responses to “ALDI – Clancy’s Potato Chips (Original) – Food Review”

  1. Matt Gonyou Says:

    Price is right but I wish ya all would quit packaging them with a paint can shaker.Everytime nothing but a handful of regular chips then the rest bits and pieces.hurts my motor to have to eat so slow.Other than that have a good day

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  2. JuMP Says:

    Recently I found a combo pack that included four flavors of chips: original, bbq, sour cream and onion and salt and vinegar which I thought was great since the kids don’t like the cheese curls. However I only saw this pack once. Does anyone know if these will be available regularly? I hope so.

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  3. Angela Says:

    We really love the baked rippled sour cream and chedder. Would love them to be avaliable all year. Bought 10 bags last month and good thing because sadly they are gone from the store again.

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  4. Robert Ellis Says:

    Although I like the chips I get wavy clancys chips yellow and blue bag the only problem is I throw away a lot in bag because there the ends of potatoe and to hard to chew otherwise the chips are ok

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  5. Nancy cox Says:

    I am looking for the clancys beer chips! Omg there the best! Not at Aldi anymore.


    • steveo Says:

      Sorry, I don’t know what happened to them. And, it seems, sorry I didn’t try them while available. You can try asking your local ALDI store people or email ALDI at
      If that fails, try an internet search for a different brand of beer chips. I’ve never tried any from the internet, so I can’t say if they’re good or bad. There’s at least one out there.


  6. joel Says:

    The bags of clancy chips used to bear a kosher symbol, now there isn’t one. Why?


  7. Jane Says:

    I used to buy peppercorn ranch chips. Can’t find them anymore. Do you still make them.


  8. Norma Says:

    I can’t get Clancy’s Potato chips in my area..My sister brought me a couple of bags when she came to visit. I have to say they are the best potato chips I’ve ever eaten. When I come to visit in April, I will be bringing back to Alabama quite a few bags. Loved them!! Much better than Lay’s…


    • May Says:

      I agree. when I serve Clancy’s at parties, someone always asks where I got them, because they taste so good, natural and crisp.

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  9. Barbara Perry Says:

    Why can’t I get 50% less sodium chips anymore? Loganville, Ga. used to carry them, but not anymore.


  10. Ruth Lewis Says:

    I buy 1 combo pack of chips every week, along with other chips. My husband called me from work today asking where I bought the chips. I said Aldis . When he opened the bag their was a chunk size 3 X 3 of what looks like chocolate cake deepfried. I will be happy to send you this. Thanks for listening. Discussed patron.


  11. zac Says:

    bags are now 10 oz and slightly cheaper. Still same great chips


  12. Jason Says:

    we bought a few bag was disappointed half the bag was nothing but air, I feel ripped off, we need more chips then air,


    • Emerogork Says:

      Be careful on you thoughts here, Chips are sold by weight. You may be disappointed if you had more broken ships but the air is there to cushion the chips in transport. They could sell them in smaller bags if you want more chipped chips…


    • zac Says:

      settling occurs during shipment. the bags are sold by weight not volume. I assure you that you are not getting ripped off


  13. Emerogork Says:

    Many companies offer no-salt chip but no one has salt free ripple chips. Most dips are salty, the dipping chip does not have to be. It might be too latge to get this produced this year but I hope that Clancy steps up to the task. I am sure it will be a seller.


  14. linda mishra Says:

    I was eating some sea salt and cracked pepper chips and pulled out something disgusting took pictures. if I die ………


  15. pkw Says:

    these chips are real food! No MSG no trans fat no artificial crap! I think they’re awsome! They taste great to! Real food generally does. We’ve been conditioned to like all the frankinfood crap thats on the market today so when we taste a healthy food at first we say yuck… Only after eating it for awhile do we begin to realize that the healthy food is tastes so much better then the frankin food.


  16. Bob Black Says:

    I have been purchasing these chips for some time now however the last time that I purchased three bags I noticed two things:
    First, the bag was not as tall as the previous bags
    Second, the chips had no or very little salt on them
    Personally I did not care for the newer chips without salt, I was disappointed.


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