ALDI – Stuffing Mix – Chef’s Cupboard – Turkey Flavor – Food Review


Sometimes an extra dime is worth the price.

Are you feeling a little embarrassed because once again the dish you’re bringing to the family get-together in a  few hours isn’t ready yet?  Did you have good intentions of, for the first time, bringing that one-off gourmet something or other that would make your back sore from all the pats it would receive from your admiring family?  “Gee, that was the most awesomely wonderful dish I’ve ever had.  You’ll have to send me the recipe.  How did you come up with this original inspired culinary creation?  You should be on the Food Network dude (or dudess).”

Don’t worry.  Chances are the only great expectations your family has are sitting on a book shelf.  And, just like years past, that old standby boxed stuffing (or dressing, for anyone who’s a little stuffy themselves) will come to the rescue for you.  A couple of boxes, some water, a whole lot of margarine and 10 minutes cooking time will get you out your door and on the way.  No matter how it comes out your family is going to eat it.  Both you and the family know that.

If an ALDI store happens to be close by, you may quickly slip in and out with a few boxes of their Stuffing Mix.  As said above, your family will eat it and you’ll avoid the wrath of everyone if you were to show up with nothing.

However, for 10 cents more (on sale) if you can score some Stove Top Stuffing, take the extra 5 minutes and find yourself some Stove Top.  Even with some doctoring of the ALDI stuffing, the Stove Top is better.  The ingredients and picture on the two boxes look very similar, but the Stove Top has the magic.

For those of you who celebrate, Feliz Navidad.  For those who don’t celebrate, this is still a good excuse to get together with your family and finally bring that one-off …

Calories 170 per 1/2 cup prepared           Price  89 cents

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14 Responses to “ALDI – Stuffing Mix – Chef’s Cupboard – Turkey Flavor – Food Review”

  1. robert. Says:

    I just had the turkey stuffing and I am nauseated. The flavor of the prepared crap was like some vile chemical was added. I believe i was poisoned. I’m googling to see if there’s been a recall on this product. I’ve had plenty of different brands of quick stuffing and i never tasted anything so vile.

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  2. Rae Says:

    Now I don’t know about the Turkey stuffing…but this chicken version is awful….of course I can fix it but that not the point…or I just wrong about the flavor or taste…

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  3. Rae Says:

    Ok something not right…I couldn’t find the box chicken flavors stuffing…that was given to me to prepare
    So right from the directions …easy exception of one thing the flavor was so bad….it reminded me of outdoor grilling when someone uses too much lighter fluid…..the box did not seem damage, bar code number 041498 15440 0
    Exp.Mar.27 2018….
    I don’t have a problem with box food or package foods
    I can add to the foods to make a better taste…this one I didn’t taste before I plated up…because I haven’t found a bad tasting box stuffing till NOW

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  4. april schiermeyer Says:


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  5. Tina Davis Says:

    We just bought ten boxes at ALDI’S and they all had bugs and eggs on the inside of the boxes. I want a replacement.

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  6. Di Says:

    I make the aldi brand for TG every year but i hook it up..I make an additional small cornbread and overnight in a crockpot smoke turkey legs. in the morn. I take the meat off the turkey and pulse it in the food processor..take a can of cream of chk/mushroom and cream of celery(your preference) some chicken broth and mix it all together..bake in over for about 30min..omg!! just like homemade..the box gives it the sage seasoning..I get the cornbread flavor. the cornbread i make is merely one of those store pkg that you just add water’s actually quicker than it can even pan saute some onion and green pepper and add to the mix.

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  7. bj ward Says:

    I have used at different times 2 single boxes of Chef’s Cuboard stuffing mix. The directions say to add the contents of BOTH pouches. Unfortunately, there was, in each case, only 1 pouch inside each sealed box. The flavoring pouch was not in either box. To say that the flavor was missing in the prepared product is an understatement! Wonder if such lax practice is usual for all of Chef’s Cupboard products? And how will the manufacturer make good on this faulty packaging?


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