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Stove Top Dutch Oven Pot Roast – Recipe


Almost foolproof.  And I’m the acid test for that.


Charles Shaw Shiraz (2008) – Wine Review – Trader Joe’s


Even though I always pick up a bottle or two of Charles Shaw wine when at Trader Joe’s, I’ve never written about one.  So here goes.  It’s a head-to-head taste test between the Charles Shaw Shiraz and a D’aquino Gaetano Sangiovese.  California versus Italy.  Good thing this isn’t soccer.


Trader Joe’s Pinot Grigio Artisan Salami – Food Review


No, you are not seeing double.  No, this is not deja-vu all over again.  This is a slightly different version of Trader Joe’s Artisan Salami.  This, the Pinot Grigio variation.


WordPress – .com vs. .org – monetizing


Monetizing Your Blog

com is restrictive and sort of fuzzy             org is wide open

Monetizing your blog simply means making money from your blog.    While many of you writing blogs, write for personal reasons, it would be an incentive if you could earn a few dollars a year to treat yourself to a dinner or kitchen gadget you’ve always wanted from all the hard work you’ve done to create and maintain your blog’s content.  Making money on the web generally involves running;  banner ads, ad services and or links to sites where you might make a small commission for referrals and any sales coming from you. is very restrictive in what you can do to monetize your blog. is your baby to do with as you want. 


WordPress – .com vs. .org – proofreading



.com has this feature .org does not have this feature

In the user profile section the .com version has a whole slew of options for something called proofreading. The .org version has none of these.


WordPress – .com vs. .org – Akismet – spaminator


Akismet – Spaminator

.com has this feature .org does not have this feature

Akismet helps protect your blog from blog comment spam. Comment spam? Is this caused by global warming? (more…)

WordPress – .com vs. .org – plugins



Plugins are various extensions to the basic functionality of WordPress software. When added to WordPress, they provide new features without changing, or breaking, how WordPress basically works. WordPress is the house, the fireplace is the plugin. To digress. In real terms, a fireplace is a pretty damn big plugin. It’s probably not the best example to use. But since blogging is as much a virtual world as real, and we’ve all seen the Matrix so we know what virtual means, we won’t sweat the details on building that fireplace.


WordPress – .com vs. .org – Gravatars



.com has Gravatars. .org does not have Gravatars.

Your Gravatar can be found in your WordPress profile once you’re logged into your blog. The .com version supports these as soon as you establish your blog and makes it easy to add your picture. The Gravatar is missing from the .org user profile. There seems to be a plugin available as well as instructions how to manually add one, even without the plugin, to the .org version. I’ve tried neither at this point. Here’s a current link to the support page.

WordPress – .com vs. .org – general differences


As many of you may know, there are two versions of WordPress available.

The first is the hosted version. About 200,000 of you use this version to publish content on the internet without having to worry about servers, routers, operating systems, bandwidth, up time and other technical details which 199,999 of you don’t really care about.

The second version is provides most of the software (programs) that run in the background to power a WordPress based blog. It’s up to you to provide, fund and worry about all those technical details that 199,999 other people don’t care about. Having said that, for under a $100/year you can find someone (a company) to provide and worry about most of those technical details for you. However, you will still need to have a fair amount of geek in you to run your own That geek in you is needed for some of the differences listed below.


Cooking Utensils – Very Basic – Item 2 – Cutting Board


Assuming you already have a fork, spoon, knife, plates, some kind of frying pan and a basic pot of some sort, there are only 3 things that  a real cook needs.   This is the second.  See other posts for items 1 (knife) and 3 (knife sharpener).


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