Trader Joe’s – Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee – Whole Bean – Food Review


trader joe, coffee, whole bean, review, price, aged bourbon barrelDecember 23, 2017

Rolling barrels down the road is one of those things kids do. Rolling barrels down the road with coffee beans in them is not something kids do. That’s just because kids don’t have any coffee beans. Rolling coffee beans in a barrel seems to be the basic mechanism how this coffee was created. Coffee beans are gently rolled around in old empty barrels used for aging bourbon. Well, at least that’s what the package claims.

The coffee itself is fairly good. This is the first Mexico-grown coffee I’ve had, and it’s promising. Now, the flavor added to the coffee from rolling around in an old bourbon barrel is up for personal interpretation. It’s not a particularly bad flavor and it’s not a particularly good flavor. It’s an earthy flavor that’s noticeable, but not obtrusive. Perhaps a real shot of bourbon in the coffee would make it complete?

To follow up on the spiked coffee theme, I made due with what was on hand, adding some O’Donnells Caramel Cream to the coffee.  Ummm, so good!  The little extra flavor from the barrels, the coffee and the “cream” came together in a very smooth cup of holiday joy.  Price, $9.99, 10 ounce can.


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2 Responses to “Trader Joe’s – Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee – Whole Bean – Food Review”

  1. Karen Says:

    Hi I LOVED the bourbon barrel aged coffee but must be among the minority. The mgr at local TJ said likely NOT coming back bc so many returned. He also said they put name on it but it’s someone else’s coffee. I’m desperately trying to find it but no luck. TJ marketing days non disclosure agreement so won’t tell. I’ve googled bourbon barrel coffee and bought 4 off the internet from different companies and they were terrible in comparison. So it IS out there under another name and someone selling it. Any thoughts anyone? SOMEONE must know! Thanks. Karen

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    • steveo Says:

      I’m surprised people returned this. I did a search for ‘bourbon coffee Mexico’ and didn’t see anything promising. The beans are grown in Mexico, so I was hoping that would point to the source. No luck there.


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