Moser Roth – Chocolate Truffles – ALDI – Food Review


aldi, food, review, price, calories, nutrition, moser roth, chocolate trufflesDecember 9, 2017
ALDI has some surprisingly good chocolates.  This is one of them.  Without saying another word about these, they are really really good.

If you’re on a budget pick up one of these as a holiday present for your kid’s teacher.  If you’re not on a budget, get two.  They’re worth half a grade point on the kid’s next report card. Cheaper than a tutor!

Price $3.99 per box

Calories  190 per 3 piece serving (16 pieces in the box)

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ALDI customer contact URL –

aldi, food, review, price, calories, nutrition, moser roth, chocolate trufflesaldi, food, review, price, calories, nutrition, moser roth, chocolate truffles


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5 Responses to “Moser Roth – Chocolate Truffles – ALDI – Food Review”

  1. ALDI – Moser Roth Dark Sea Salt Chocolate – Food Review | Ain't Found A Good Title Blog Says:

    […] Roth is generally a step up from the Choceur chocolates at ALDI.  Like the other Moser Roth chocolates reviewed here, this chocolate is a fine European-style chocolate – meaning […]


  2. 2wildandcrazyfoodies Says:

    Great review…chocolate truffles make the best gifts! We are an up and coming food blog! Please check us out!

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  3. David Says:

    Out of curiosity I just did the math and to eat all 16 pieces in the box (and 16 pieces does not sound like a big number) would mean consuming 1,013.33333333333333 calories. That’s why I can’t have candy on hand at my house, because it’s never on hand after the first day.

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    • steveo Says:

      If those candies survived a day, that would be showing great restraint. I had to leave my second box locked in the car overnight.


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