ALDI – Earth Grown Veggie Burger – Vegan – Food Review


aldi, Black Forest Cake Muesli Bars, food, review, price, calories, nutrition, earth grown, vegan, veggie burgeraldi, Black Forest Cake Muesli Bars, food, review, price, calories, nutrition, earth grown, vegan, veggie burgerDecember 9, 2017

The box says, ‘with 11 vegetables’.  How do they fit them all in a 4 inch diameter circle?

One good thing, you can actually see the little veggies in the circle.  Being that the  veggies are of a size that makes them visible, the burgers tend to fall apart if handled too much while cooking.  Like many veggie burgers, the flavor of these is on the bland side.  I saw the word chipotle through the glass freezer case, but somehow when I got home they had changed to just plain veggie burgers.  I’ll look twice the next time.

Along with the bland flavor, these tend to dry out while cooking in the microwave.  Both problems can be overcome with the use of condiments.  For my purposes I topped with a spoonful or two of pickle relish which added a little flavor pop and also some needed moisture.  Problems solved.

While comparable to other veggie burgers on the market in texture and taste, these are also labeled ‘certified vegan’.  What’s also nice is they’re in the ALDI freezer case, meaning you won’t have to go elsewhere looking for a vegan veggie burger.  Now the potential downside is, I don’t know if these are a special item which will soon disappear or whether they’ll be a regular item in the freezer case.

Calories  90 per burger – 4 servings per container (10 oz. total – 284g)

Price  $2.49 per box

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10 Responses to “ALDI – Earth Grown Veggie Burger – Vegan – Food Review”

  1. GP Says:

    Thanks, SteveO!

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  2. GP Says:

    The burgers are tasty, but is Aldi’s Earth Grown Vegan line non-GMO? I’m not finding this info anywhere! Thanks

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  3. ALDI – Earth Grown Asian Veggie Burger – Vegan – Food Review | Ain't Found A Good Title Blog Says:

    […] here) tends to agree with that designation.  At $3.69 per box, this is priced higher than the regular vegan veggie burger at […]


  4. govegoblog Says:

    These look interesting! Will definitely keep our eyes peeled for them next time we’re in ALDI and give them a try!

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  5. Ttrockwood Says:

    Impressive the ingredients are all identifiable and non sketchy. I became vegetarian very young so i’ve had entirely too many bad veggie burgers since that’s the one vegetarian item restaurants would have. Now i use veg burgers chopped for taco filling, or on top of a salad or crumbled into pasta sauce.

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  6. David Says:

    Based on your description of size I’m guessing the “with 11 vegetables” would probably be more accurate stated as “with parts of 11 vegetables”.

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    • steveo Says:

      I’m working on two theories how they do this. First, a ray gun that shrinks the vegetables. Second, grown on a really really tiny tiny farm.


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