Deutsche Küche – Coconut Spritz Shortbread Cookies – ALDI – Food Review


aldi, coconut spritz, shortbread cookies, chocolatealdi, coconut spritz, shortbread cookies, chocolate, nutritionSeptember 30, 2016

There’s nothing very special going on here.  These were on the shelf for what used to be ALDI’s Oktoberfest, but in September.  That generally means they won’t be around until next spring (Mayfest?) and next autumn.  As stated on the label these are shortbread cookies.  They’re a little on the sweetish side for shortbread.  Additionally, as you can see, they’re half coated with coconut sprinkled milk chocolate.  If you like shortbread cookies, and shortbread crumbs on your shirt, blouse or sweater, these will suffice just as well as any.

Price $1.99 per box (12 cookies)       Calories  140 per cookie


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6 Responses to “Deutsche Küche – Coconut Spritz Shortbread Cookies – ALDI – Food Review”

  1. Tammie Says:

    I really liked the taste. The cookies didn’t seem so sweet either. The crumbs were no big deal. I am going to get more. I did not know they were seasonal.

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    • steveo Says:

      Thanks for adding your comments. Yes, unfortunately many of the Deutsche Kuchen products are seasonal, usually twice a year. Spring is one of those times. These may make a reappearance in the next few weeks?


  2. CJ Says:

    I found these to be quite delightful. Made the way cookies were made years ago. Buttery,semi sweet, with a nice touch of coconut. I have been looking for more, I haven’t found them yet. Enjoy Cj

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    • steveo Says:

      Thanks for your thoughts. My guess is, these are a seasonal item. Further guessing, they probably won’t reappear until around next Spring. Glad you enjoyed them.


  3. David Says:

    Medicinal wine that causes a “scrunch face” and “nothing very special” cookies that will “suffice just as well as any” – hope next review leads to something I might want to try. 🙂

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