Trader Joe’s – English Coastal Cheddar – Food Review

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Trader Joe’s English Coastal Cheddar

March 18, 2016

This is a very fine cheddar cheese imported from England (Dorset coast).

The cheese has a pale off-white color, not the usual yellow color found in US produced cheddar.  This is not a “hard” cheese.  It’s relatively easy to cut and a little crumbly.  The cheese has a nice nutty flavor with a little bit of a tang.  It’s not a sharp taste as might be found in a New York sharp cheddar, but still a very flavorful cheese.   It reminds me a little of an aged Gouda, but not as hard.  Similar to an aged Gouda you can feel (and hear) a few little cheese crystals crunch between your molars as you chew. Because of the pale color it’s difficult to see them in the cheese.   I could easily get to like this.  And I do.

Calories 120 per ounce (28g)        Price $7.99 per pound

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7 Responses to “Trader Joe’s – English Coastal Cheddar – Food Review”

  1. Joe Says:

    I couldn’t tell you how much English Coastal Cheddar I’ve sold for TJ’s. Whenever I’m in the cheese aisle, I make it a point to tell people about this product. Without exaggeration, I consider it to be the best cheddar you can buy. Delicious and complex.

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  2. tom Says:

    certainly a white cheese, but not a cheddar. it has low mild flavor. certainly not the same flavor level as any cheddar made in the us. for $7.99/lb. even store bought cabot block has more cheddar flavor and sharpness than this weak poorly aged cheese.

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    • steveo Says:

      Thanks for your comments. Although it didn’t come across in the review very well, I agree, this is different than many sharp cheddars made in the US.


    • Ian Says:

      I have to point out that Cheddar is a designation of origin. Cheddar cheese comes originally from Cheddar in Somerset, England. So saying that this cheese, which comes from the region in which the cheese was invented, does not taste like cheese made thousands of miles away in New England, may be true, but is also irrelevant. This cheese does actually taste the way Cheddar cheese is supposed to taste.

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  3. Emilio Pasquale Says:

    Have you tried Unexpected Cheddar? My wife’s favorite.

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