Daniele Salame Veneto – Food Review

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Daniele Veneto Salame

March 18, 2016

Walmart of all places, that’s where I found this pretty good salami.

The texture is sort of chewy/rubbery and a little softer than one might expect from a salami like this. The taste has a fair amount of garlic flavor (a good thing in my book) and is otherwise generally good.   There’s a little bit of another flavor in there which adds almost a little sweetness (probably the dextrose listed on the label).  There is no skin/casing on the salami once freed from its heavy plastic wrapping.

Overall this is a pretty good Italian salami that will satisfy a sudden urge for this type of salami, but not as good as the Volpi salami found at Trader Joe’s and other outlets.

Calories 90/oz (28g), Price $3.98 – 7 oz (198g)

salami, salame, daniele, veneto, review, nutrition

Daniele Veneto Salame  –  back label


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One Response to “Daniele Salame Veneto – Food Review”

  1. Miss Pepper Says:

    Questo salame è buonissimo!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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