Cameron’s Breakfast Blend – Whole Bean Coffee – Food Review

Cameron's Breakfast Blend

Cameron’s Breakfast Blend

It would’ve been the third morning without Joe.  Joe being, my cup of.  Well, not exactly three mornings.  One morning was supplemented with Mac.  Mac being, Mac’s Joe.  The chances of getting to the Trader to restore the empty stores of coffee in the cupboard before the sun rose on the third morn were zero.  Too late, the store was closed.

October 22, 2015

Death, illness, painting, warm autumn days, bees, dragonflies and a spider in the bathtub had conspired to create this intolerable state.  Aiding the conspirators was a copious amount of unplanned planning.  Unplanned planning being the long way around to say; lack of, absence of, or just plain, no planning. Yes, it was a total screw up.

Necessity, trumping all else in most instances, came to the rescue.  Find an immediate alternative for the morning.  But the freezer was as bare of fudge pops as the cupboard was of coffee.  Correct, the frozen watery chocolate concoction that helps me hang on (thank you Jimmy) was in the same place as the coffee.  That place was, gone.

The fudge pop store was still open – with 90 minutes to spare.  Along with the fudge pops, the store had a long row of mostly overpriced and average coffee.  The only thing that raises the peak in the middle of a bell curve is a corresponding reduction in the degree of overpricedness (yes, this word failed the spell checker).  Or, to restate as a verbal equation, average things taste more average when they’re on sale.  And that became the plan – find some average whole bean coffee on sale.

Newly housed on the coffee shelves was a small section for McDonald’s branded coffee next to a small section of White Castle branded coffee.  Someone stop the madness!  Please?  The only appropriate time for McDonald’s coffee is when late for work wearing a newly purchased unstained item of clothing and in a newly purchased unstained car (preferably not yours).  The only appropriate situation for a cup of White Castle coffee (along with at least 10 sliders) is 3am, after last call, when you know there is no possible thing that could make you feel any worse the next morning/early afternoon/late afternoon.

Quickly ignoring both Mac and Casa Blanca, the very few whole bean coffee choices were identified.  The sale sticker under the coffee bags cemented the choice.  There was no need to further peruse the labels to find out why this coffee or that coffee is the best damn coffee in the world.  There was no need to read the rich and sultry language on the bag trying to make up for the lack of rich and sultry coffee in the bag.  Cameron’s was the only whole bean coffee on sale.

Finally the coffee.  A strange burnt smell came out of the bag when first opened.  This was inconsistent with the medium brown color of the beans and the lack of oil on them.  The burnt smell quickly disappeared to reveal a constant light toast aroma.

The brewed coffee came out on the watery side using the usual proportions of freshly ground beans to water.  There was a very slight burnt taste hidden in the water.  Other than that there weren’t any bad tastes.  If the overall taste had been more like a cup of coffee, that slightly burnt taste probably would not have been noticed.  The previous sentence implies there isn’t much coffee flavor in the coffee.  That is correct.

The explanation for the watery coffee is perhaps within the “slider” on the bag.  There’s a symbolic drop of coffee in a circle on the left side of a line of circles with the letters “Lt” to the very left of everything.  Left and right being decided facing the front side of the bag.  Why can’t they just write “Light Roast” on the bag?

Cameron’s Breakfast Blend brews up as a pleasant warm cup of something.  Let’s call it a good weak cup of coffee.  And a gooder weak cup of coffee when on sale.

Price $6.99 (on sale) (12 ounce bag)

Cameron's Breakfast Blend

Cameron’s Breakfast Blend


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2 Responses to “Cameron’s Breakfast Blend – Whole Bean Coffee – Food Review”

  1. janjoy52 Says:

    Sorry. Looks like a good next chapter titled the aweful, stinky, horrible bad day blah, blah, blah….

    Liked by 1 person

    • steveo Says:

      Thanks. Not so bad, it gave me something(s) to complain about. And I salvaged the coffee by using an extra 4 gm of beans in the brew. It was a pretty decent cup after that. But completely negated any benefit of being on sale. 😦


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